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Get a Holiday Glow Wearing The Right Colors For Your Complexion

Written by Renae Knapp, December 3, 2023

'Tis the season of festivities, making it the best time to perfect flawless makeup looks. With numerous events to attend, you can achieve a beautiful holiday glow for each one by utilizing your best colors. A well coordinated makeup look not only enhances our natural beauty but also boosts our confidence. The choice of colors is a crucial factor in crafting the ideal look. Mastery of the blue base/yellow base color system is the best path to achieving makeup perfection!

If you don't know whether you are blue or yellow based take our quiz here:

Lets start with foundation.

Oxygenetix has the only foundation that creates their colors in the lab using a spectrophotometer to have blue based and yellow based foundations, taking the guess work out of choosing your perfect foundation. Oxygenetix melts perfectly with your skin tones and pigmentation to create a natural look that feels light and

is created for all skin types. Dermatologists around the world recommend Oxygenetix for their clients immediately post-procedure and for everyday use as a safe, pro-healing way to wear makeup.

You can go to to order today. Don't know your shade? Take their shade quiz on your mobile device here:

Now let's talk bronzer.

A little bronzer can be used to give your cheeks a soft glow but only if

you use the right color. The wrong color bronzer can look tacky and take away from the sun-kissed glow you are going for.

Here are some blue based and yellow based examples of bronzers:

Blue-Based Bronzers:

Brand: Well People

Product: Superpowder Bronzing powder

Shade: Sun Glow - Light Brown

Brand: Estee Lauder

Product: Bronze GoddessHighlighting Powder Gelée

Shade: Modern Mercury

Brand: Mac Cosmetics

Product: Skinfinish Sunstruck Radiant Bronzer

ShadeS: “Radiant Light Rosy”, “Radiant Rich Rosy”, “Radiant Richer Rosy”

Yellow-Based Bronzers:

Brand: Benefit Cosmetics

Product: Hoola Bronzer

Shades: All 5 colors are yellow-based

Brand: Mac cosmetics:

Product: Skinfinish Sunstruck Radiant Bronzer

Shades: “Radiant Medium Golden”, “Radiant Deep Golden”

Let's talk Lips.

If you haven't noticed, Red lipstick is the color of the season. Kelly Clarkson and

Taylor Swift are rocking this color along with everyone else.

Wearing the right lip color for your spectrum is essential or it can look really harsh

and your teeth can appear yellow.

The lips at the top in the picture below are yellow-based, and the two bottom lips are blue-based.

Yellow-Based Lip Colors:

Brand: Shiseido

Product: Techno Satin Gel Lipstick

Shades: “True Red”

Brand: Estee Lauder:

Product: Pure Color Creme Lipstick

Shade: “Carnal”

Blue-Based Lip Colors:

Brand: Shiseido

Product: Techno Satin Gel Lipstick

Shades: “Cherry Red”

Brand: Estee Lauder:

Product: Pure Color Creme Lipstick

Shade: “Carnal”

Just a few places to go and find your colors for the holidays!

Have a great time with family and friends this season.

Remember that because of each persons natural chemistry is different, your lips will translate the color of lipstick differently. You must try them on. Ulta or Sephora are good places to “play”.

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