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Beyond The Color Explosion is a timeless guide to understanding and utilizing the power of color in design and everyday life. Originally published in 1985, the concepts presented in this book are just as relevant and applicable in today's world.  With a focus on color psychology, theory, and practical applications, this book provides a comprehensive education on the impact of color. Whether you are a designer looking to enhance your understanding of color or an enthusiast eager to learn more, Beyond The Color Explosion is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the world of color. Explore the endless possibilities and take your knowledge of color to the next level with this informative and inspiring book.


BEYOND THE COLOR EXPLOSION: THE COLOR KEY PROGRAM offers an easy-to-understand method for enhancing your life and income by harnessing the power of color. In an engaging, straightforward way, noted lecturer Renae Knapp leads men and women of all ages and races into and beyond the wardrobe and grooming aspects of color. 


You will develop a mastery of color harmony and an awareness of the amazing role color plays in every area of your life -- whether you make your living in design, or simply want more harmony in your appearance and environment.

Beyond The Color Explosion | Color Analysis Education | Renae Knapp

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