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The Psychological Differences Between Blue Based and Yellow Based People

The psychology of BB/YB people is one of the most interesting aspects of Bob Dorr's findings.

You were not only born into a spectrum but into the personality that came along with your coloring! Of course we have to consider environmental factors and associations with other people, but in general the differences are universal.

Let's explore Bob Dorr's findings from when he did extensive research in and

out of the University setting.

Quoted directly from Bob Dorr:

    The Color System (BB/YB) belies the idea that you can mix the two systems, but I was curious about the results if they were mixed.   I researched department stores and found that the items marked down most often in yard goods, wearing apparel, or other furnishing were mixed spectrum.   This was also true at the manufacturing level as well.

   Many times in recent years I have advised textile manufacturers (without seeing their records) what patterns did not sell by merely laying aside the ones in both 


   Tests and research that were conducted did develop some interesting results.   I worked with classes at Stanford University to formally test the psychological 

preference in conjunction with aptitude tests which already had been administered to the classes.   The results corresponded with my previous observations and proved to be true.

   I first explained the System to each class.   The class was then divided into two groups:  BB and YB.   It was found that the aptitudes of each group divided distinctly in relation to the two spectrums or groups.   BB students preferred more formal situations and lifestyles while YB students preferred more informal lifestyles.   When checked against the aptitude tests, the findings again verified my theory.

   The results of the Stanford tests showed the formal and informal traits and preferences divided exactly as predicted when related to their personal lives and careers.


Formal personality

Formal entertainment

Formal Dress

High in Sales

High in History

High in Spelling


Informal Personality

Informal Entertainment

Informal Dress

High in Production High in Geography

High in Mathematics

These traits, of course, are reflected in differing degrees in each individual.


Color is not only seen but felt emotionally.   The whole experience of color is influenced not just by light energy, but by factors that arise from the brain.   We store color associations and memories away for later recall.  Color is individual.

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