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The Blue Base/ Yellow Base Color System

The color science that will change your life.

Hand Holding Color Swatches

Every day our eyes are subject to 16 million colors.


Each of these colors can be classified as either blue or yellow based. (with the exception of orange and magenta - orange is always yellow-based and magenta/ burgundy is always blue-based)

Everyone was born either blue or yellow-based.

Like your blood type, you are blue or yellow for life.

Knowing your color spectrum can make you more attractive, help you sell, increase your confidence, and decorate your home.

So here I am, with my mentor & confidant, my spunky grandma Renae. Together we are bringing back to the surface a color science that has changed the lives of millions around the globe.




The founder of the blue base/ yellow base color system, Bob Dorr, gave the rights of his studies and color science to my grandma Renae. I am here today to pass along this knowledge to the next generation.


So are YOU blue based or yellow based?

I will walk you through this color science, how to find your base, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage. 

Let's thrive together in this gorgeous planet we call home.

Welcome all you blues and yellows!

Paper Color Palette
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