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why I created Beauty & Soul Studio

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Hello there ;) Thank you for stopping by.

As a third generation beautician and lover of color, I am fascinated by nature. why? because. . .


You were born stunningly beautiful just the way you are, but the media and our own body dysmorphia can steer us away from this fundamental truth. 

I'm all about honoring the beauty you were born with and promoting self love, cause baby, when you take care of yourself, you have more love to give.

I am partnering with the coolest grandma on Earth, my grandma Renae Knapp, to teach a new generation about the blue base/ yellow base color system. Knowing if you are blue or yellow base is a game changer for choosing the best colors to wear, makeup to apply, decorating your home, and much more.

But who cares what you look like on the outside if inside you feel like shit? Besides, beauty is confidence. Spiritual wellness and physical health are topics I also love to speak about for well balanced beauty that lasts. 

Welcome to Beauty & Soul Studio, my passion project and your new resource for all things beauty, color & wellness <3

Peace & Love,


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