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How to use your blue-base/ yellow-base color dictionary


We have limited edition vintage color dictionaries from Ameritone that Bob Dorr consulted on himself. The fans are split into blue and yellow based colors to aid you in your quest for color harmony.

In the dictionaries: "Key 1" = Blue-Based and "Key 2" = Yellow-Based.


When testing whether a color is blue or yellow-based, analyze the colors most similar to the one in question from both sides of the fan. Pay attention to which one looks most harmonious and in the same undertone family. The hues may be slightly different in lightness, darkness or saturation, but with careful analysis you'll be able to tell whether the color jives more with the blue or yellow-based colors. 



Wardrobe Guidance

The next time you go to the mall to upgrade your wardrobe, bring your color dictionary with you! Stick to colors in your undertone to enhance your natural beauty, look healthy, and exude confidence.


Analyze Personal Coloring

To analyze your personal coloring, hold the fan up to different areas of your face, hair, and eyes. The hues you see in each of these areas give clues as to what your overall undertone is. When in doubt, analyze your eyes. They never lie.


Home Decorating

It can be frustrating trying to create color harmony when decorating your home. Stick to one undertone whether that is blue or yellow-based in order to create spaces that uplift and invite peace. 


Design Color Assistance

As a designer, you may have trouble finding the right colors for projects. You can use the fan to test various color combinations, show clients different hue examples, and spark your creativity.

You are one step away from color harmony. . .

These are the original color dictionary fans that Bob Dorr consulted on.

They feature Key 1 (Blue Based) and Key 2 (Yellow Based) colors. The fans are ideal for selecting colors in the right spectrum for your home, wardrobe, or art projects.


The small fans are 5.5" x 2" x 1" and the large fans are 9.75" x 2.25" x 2".


Note: All the colors on this fan deck can be matched at any paint distribution company.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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** Shipping costs included within the USA. We are no longer shipping internationally, thank you for understanding! 

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