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Yellow: The Radiant Hue of Joy

Yellow is the happiest of all colors.   It is cheerful, high-spirited,  and represents

hope and wisdom. Yellow is cheerful and warm in nature. It's a color that not only catches the eye, but also stimulates the mind. From the bright uniforms of construction workers to the cautionary signs on roads, yellow demands attention wherever it appears.

Yellow stimulates the mental processes and encourages communication.  Yellow is the first color processed by the human eye, we will see yellow before other colors. 

Yellow-Based Yellows

Blue-Based Yellows

I was asked to analyze a business on a busy street that could never increase its sales in Bellevue, WA in a very upscale community. The business had been there four years and no one noticed it.  I knew immediately what was wrong.   It was the color of the signage.  The sign was white, the color of avoidance.   I had them change to a sign that was yellow with black letters and immediately business increased.

Yellow is an important color to use in appropriate and knowledgeable ways.

A knowledge of blue/base and yellow/base color system is a valuable tool to direct you in how you work with yellow appropriately.   Your color fan is your most important tool in working with color. Using yellow in your wardrobe should only

be done in your spectrum. 

Because yellow assaults our senses first, when you are wearing it, eyes will go 

to the yellow first that you are wearing and everything else will stand in the background.  When you are wearing your personal colors from your eyes, hair, and skin tones, nothing will dominate.  You will look totally put together in a harmonious, fashionable way and people will notice you, not necessarily your

clothing.   You will be first, clothing second.    I will get compliments like “your

eyes are so beautiful”, or “you always look so great”, or “I love your hair”.   I

usually are wearing clothes that are 5 years old and older!   I'm always amused because it is the color harmony and wearing what is tuned in to my personal coloring that they are really attracted to. 

Use yellow for accents, fun, making a statement, or just getting attention.

Yellow, by itself, does not enhance your features or personal coloring. But, yellow as a blouse, tank top, sweater, shoes, handbag, piece of jewelry can 

lead your wardrobe away from boring and add spice.  

When surveyed, only 6% stated that yellow was their favorite color. So, use it wisely and in your spectrum but not as a one of your pivotal colors in your wardrobe.

The people who look the very best in yellow are people with dark hair, caramel brown skin tones, dark eyes, dark hair with light colored eyes, fair skin.    This can be in either spectrum.    Asia, Africa, Italy, Hawaii, Alaska, are among the places that produce this coloring.    Don't be afraid of it, just use it wisely and thoughtfully.

All colors, when taken out of their environment in the fan deck will be influenced by surrounding colors and by light.     Remember, you cannot carry color in your mind.  The minute you turn your back on a color, you have lost your mental recording.    By carrying the pocket size color fan in your purse you can test all

colors while you are shopping.   

Think of color as a tool that can help you put your best self forward by putting 

your life in perfect harmony.    You can be your own color expert.   Now you can mix colors in your wardrobe without trepadation.    Don't be afraid to use 

yellow in your wardrobe.   It can be exciting and fun if used in moderation in your spectrum and tastefully with your specific coloring. 

Written By Renae Knapp


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