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Green Inspiration: Nature's Color Palette for Your Wardrobe

Its spring and green is everywhere in nature and wardrobes. Even in the desert where I live in Las Vegas, NV there is green everywhere.

Did you know that in general there are more blue base greens in the Northwest and more yellow base in the Southwest? Consequently there are more blue base people in the Northwest, and yellow base in the Southwest. Since we are drawn to our spectrum, we tend to gravitate to areas that are in our undertone!

This Spring spend some time in the park or your backyard. Go hiking to your favorite canyon or mountain . Notice all the greens and the colors these greens are paired with. These combinations are great colors to wear. Right in front of your eyes are your wardrobe combinations!

These pink and purple flowers are blue-based and have blue-based green leaves.

Notice the browns in nature and the colors that look good with that brown.

Notice the colors of the flowers on your trees, bushes, and what colors look good

with those green leaves. Color combinations abound in nature and are great


These flowers are yellow-based and have yellow-based green leaves.

I was asked to speak at Tokyo University to the Architects and other professionals. It was an important event and I was trying to decide what would be best to wear. I was sitting at my computer and looked out the window and there in front of me I saw the most beautiful color combination in my yard. I planned those colors in an outfit and it was perfect for the occasion.

This year green is a color that is seen everywhere in fashion. Green represents

calm, peace, happiness and is accepted by everyone as a color of respect.

Put some green in your wardrobe and wear it to parties, on a date, lunch with

friends, work, and even your divorce settlement. There are many colors in

nature you can pair it with. Just look out your window.

Color is not only seeing, but also a sensation or feeling that activates our

thoughts. Color is part of our psyche. Using this valuable tool and knowledge

can give you true confidence.

Written by Renae Knapp | April 28, 2024

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