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Does Your Personality Match Your Undertone?

One of the most fascinating things Bob Dorr discovered during his research of the Blue Base/ Yellow Base Color System was that there were trends in personality between blue based and yellow based people.

While this part of his research may not be 100% accurate like the rest, it is still fascinating the trends that he found.

In general, blue base undertones are associated with formal, reserved, and classier personalities, while yellow base undertones are associated with open, expressive, and nature-loving personalities.

You can learn more on our Youtube video here:


  • 💙 Blue-based people prefer dressing up and going to fancy dinners.

  • 🌵 Yellow-based people love roughing it in nature and expressing their feelings openly.

  • 🌡️ Yellow-based people prefer warmer temperatures.

  • 🎨 Take the color quiz to determine your undertone and learn about the blue base yellow base color system.

📚 Check out our new course for learning the basics of the blue base yellow base color system here:

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