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You May Be Blue Based If You Prefer . .

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Along with analyzing undertones and colors in hair, skin, eyes, etc, Robert Dorr also studied personality preference differences between blue and yellow based individuals.

While not all of these preferences may ring true for you, if you are blue based, chances are you will like most of the things on this list. Comment below if this was accurate!

If you are blue based you probably like:

  • Shiny Gold

  • Designer Jeans

  • Esthetics

  • Campground with facilities

  • Elegant

  • Formal entertainment

  • Patient, wait

  • Plan

  • Management orientation

  • Spelling

  • Directing

  • Silk

  • Diamonds

  • Formal home decor

  • Working with other people

  • Marble

  • Stained Wood

  • Ornate

  • Formal dress

  • The public eye

  • Rough

  • Silver

  • History

  • Sunbathing

  • Hi-tech

  • Large scale strategies

  • The ideal

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