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Personal Coloring If You're Blue Based

The colors of most things we see are composed of the primary pigments - red, yellow, blue, black, and white. All people have individual skin, eye, and hair coloring made up of these same pigments.

When analyzing your personal colors, it is exciting to see all of the colors that make up you!

Keep this in mind: we are talking about what nature gave you - not about the modifications you have given yourself. Therefore:

  • Don't analyze hair color that has been treated, sunbleached, or exposed to a great deal of chlorine.

  • Don't analyze skin that has makeup on it.

  • Don't analyze teeth that have been exposed to years of tobacco smoke, or heavy coffee drinking.

  • Analyze in natural lighting, avoiding artificial lights.

  • Some medications can alter the color of your teeth and skin, so be aware of this as well.

Here are the characteristics you will find on yourself if you are indeed a blue based person.

Skin Color

When analyzing skin color, look at the skin without makeup on. Look at the undertones found in the forehead, side of the nose, cheeks, and lower cheeks. Look at the ears, palms of the hands and neck. If it is hard to tell your undertones, place a piece of white paper beside you and it should be easier, or ask a friend to help.

Fitzpatrick 1-2 (Fair-Light Skin)

Blue undertone produces a somewhat rose-pink complexion: hands will be pink, with perhaps purple or rose-pink knuckles.

Fitzpatrick 3-4 (Medium to Light Brown Skin)

Blue undertone produces reddish brown or smoky blue cast. Yellow in skin will be sallow, with a green/grey cast.

Fitzpatrick 5-6 (Dark Brown to Black Skin)

Blue undertone produces a visible blue cast in very dark black skin and a smoky or umber tone in lighter black skin.

Skin tones are consistent, even as the skin tans or ages. Whether you tan or not relates strictly to your skin's pigmentation. But if you do tan, 60 hours after the distortion of the sun's rays have left the body, you will be back to your spectrum - a rose-brown tan.

Eye Color

Eyes are made up of tons of colors. Check the ring around the iris, the iris itself, splotches around the pupil, and the whites of the eyes.

Blue Eyes

If you are blue based, your eyes will be steel-grey, bright blue, or purple blue, with perhaps lots of white in the blue.

Green Eyes

Blue based green eyes are blue-green or aqua.


Blue based brown eyes are reddish brown.


Hazel eyes will have all these colors in combination with yellow mixed with various colors around the iris. (remember this is a blue based ice yellow)

Hair Color

Be sure to look at hair that hasn't been chemically treated.


Platinum, ash, smoky undertone, yellow highlights (not gold)


Cinnamon, auburn.


Jet black, blue-black. (Blue based people have a shiny finish to their hair)


Dark chestnut, reddish brown

Ash Brown

Pink cast to the brown color (Blue based people often refer to this as "mousy" and are often the ones that want to highlight their hair.

White (or predominantly grey)

Blue-grey, snowy white, smoky blue, purple highlights, silver.

Tooth Color

Blue based teeth look blue-white, or grey-white. You can only analyze true teeth color that hasn't been altered by smoking or coffee.


Blue based freckles are more reddish brown.

When choosing colors to wear and makeup to apply, matching colors with the colors found in your personal coloring is a stunning choice. Match your blush to your cheek color and eyeshadows to your eyes, and you will amaze those around you with your harmonious and outstanding looks.


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