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Mixed Spectrum vs One Spectrum Fabric: The definition of tacky

Have you ever wondered what makes a fabric look tacky? Well it's usually because that fabric has colors next to each other that are from different spectrums, blue and yellow.

The BEST way to avoid creating tacky fabrics is to stick to one color spectrum, blue based or yellow based. There are other factors that play a part, but from a color standpoint this is the most important thing to take into account.

Here is an example of a mixed spectrum fabric that has blue and yellow based colors. Do you think this fabric would look better using only one undertone?

Here is an example of a fabric that uses only colors that are yellow based. Although this fabric was cheaper to buy, it looks more expensive because the colors that were chosen are all in one spectrum.

As you can see, using one spectrum only when designing creates color harmony and is more pleasing to the eye. Having knowledge about the Blue Base/ Yellow Base Color System is the best way to use color to your advantage and choose the best colors every time.

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