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Renae Knapp

Color Guru


Sophia Knapp


Learn how to create perfect color harmony and change your life! 


Backed by decades of research, the Blue Base/ Yellow Base Color System has changed how we use color forever. This system has been tainted over time, and we are here to set the record straight.


You are perfect how nature made you! Discover how to honor your undertone, upgrade your business, and create peace in your environment with color harmony.


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BBYB System Course

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of the

Blue Base/ Yellow Base Color System. 

Color Analysis

How to analyze your personal coloring and find out if you are blue or yellow based

Color Guides

Bonus materials and guides to help you choose the best colors

every time


Learn the history of Bob Dorr and real world examples of the BBYB System in action

Valora Abbet


Don't hesitate! Just do it. 

"If you are a professional in art, design, fashion, or cosmetology, do this course! I have been a professional color consultant for over a decade, and I could see gaps in current color theory and personal color analysis. The color palettes never aligned the way they should; something always felt off. Now I know why. It was so nice to have my observations validated."

Blue Base/ Yellow Base
Color Dictionaries

We have limited edition vintage color dictionaries that Bob Dorr consulted on himself. The fans are split into blue and yellow based colors so you can:

  • Have direction when shopping for clothes

  • Choose harmonious paint color combinations

  • Choose the best makeup and hair colors for you

  • Decorate your home with ease

  • Analyze personal coloring

  • And much more!

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This color guide will help you start seeing the difference between blue and yellow based colors. 


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